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The day of the cuckoo

One of my resolutions for this year had been to keep a closer awareness of the important pagan calendar days throughout the year, the solstices and equinoxes, the phases of the moon, etc. I wanted to allow a closer connection with my intuition, with the signs that are

Time of the night mære

crepuscular1.jpgAs we advance into the darkest days of the year, I start to feel the grip of anxiety and fear. It's often my children who make me feel real, heart-stopping fear. I am afraid for them. Before children, I was almost fearless. It was youth, maybe. Youth is crazy and doesn't think much, and you can blame a lot of unrealistic behaviors on it. Now, as a mother, I can barely watch five minutes of a horror movie and I get nightmares.

I had a nightmare recently. It was an epic one. It will go on the list of the ones never to be forgotten. My nightmares have always been very vivid and cinematic.

Made a magic dream pillow

  To ward my child’s sleep against nightmares. It’s a simple very simple project that made someone a bit happier to go to sleep at night. We have a dreamcatcher and we say a spell every night before sleep to…

An altar or more

We don’t have altars in our homes, back in Romania, as Orthodox Christians. We have icons hanging on walls. We pray to them. The altars are only in churches. Hindus, on the other hand, have altars everywhere. My mother-in-law has…