I liked book more than Clear your Clutter, but I still cannot give it more than four points. I can say that now I have a completely new view of the author, her expertise, her books. Karen Kingston seems to be a person who knows what she’s talking about, like very few others who keep writing books nowadays. She might not be a great writer, but she is a great communicator and advocate of the space clearing theory and technique.

I finally realized why the previous book had so little to do with Feng Shui – this is not the author’s primary field of expertise. She just integrates her own abilities and knowledge into the Feng Shui theory because this is worldwide knows and arises interest everywhere and because this is the main researched and proven field that resembles most with the practice that she has developed on her own. She just uses Feng Shui to make her point come across stronger. And I think that is fair.

What I take with me from this book, is not the space clearing technique. I didn’t feel I need that. I take the amazing descriptions of Bali. A place where the author lives half of each year. A place that is home to her husband. A place where once a year, by law, nobody is allowed to drive, watch TV, or even talk loudly. A place where the whole population sleeps with the beds directed at their sacred mountain. A place where the sacred is accepted as day to day real life.

Otherwise, space clearing is about manipulation of interior energies and I believe there might be many ways for doing that, besides what Karen Kingston has devised herself. Being a person with probably high psychic abilities, she can sense the energies and redirect them and I am convinced that everything she says in this book is to be trusted. I also believe that there is no unique way for doing what she does. Intuitively, each person can find ways of cleaning up the atmosphere in their home or office. When in doubt, this book is a good place to go for reference. I am glad it came my way.

Oh, another thing I will remember is about the danger of computer screens for pregnant women, recognized by many organizations. I am glad laptops are safer for everybody. Anyway, a cactus (Cereus Peruvianus) placed next to the computer screen can neutralize most of the harmful effects. Helpful, right?