Out of curtains and dreams

Curtain bag blueIt’s been a pathetic summer till now. Out of the six swimming classes my daughter had this summer (once every Wednesday), we enjoyed the sun only once. Three times it rained torrentially. For the pool, we pack swim suit, dress, pants, socks, hoodie and rain jacket. Obviously, no sunscreen. I am imagining that the sunscreen producers are all going out of business this summer. Well, what can I say, not a big loss–just read the Environmental Working Group’s 2009 report on sunscreens, which shows that three out of five are completely inefficient.
 Beach dress
Anyway, the ugly, bad, bad summer that’s been until now doesn’t stop me from dreaming of better times, of perfect beach days. Perfect beach bag days. Perfect beach dress days. So I’ve been making summer dresses (just one actually, but I went with the flow and plural sounded better).
And tote bags. Out of curtains. I bought these new curtains that needed to be shortened and from the leftover fabric I imagined bags. Aren’t they gorgeous? The crochet doilies that I appliqued on the red bag are made by my great-grandmother.  I feel so happy to be able to use them.
I am sure that summer will follow soon, and my handmades will get to meet the beach and my beloved, glorious sea, right? Right?
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