Summer in (sort of) full swing


Had the first cappuccino-crunch ice cream of the season. It’s my favorite flavor of ice cream in the world (by Hershey’s, I believe) and I can only find it at an ice cream stand that’s open in the summer. Which works fine for me. It’s always a treat. Bought a pair of sunglasses, lost a pair of sunglasses, had to order another pair of sunglasses. By the end of summer I might have sunglasses (my prescription is complicated, so it takes a long time to get any glasses made).

Went to the first flea market of the season, had a lot of fun, regretted not having taken the camera. The weather was perfect, the kids were in a lovely mood, and the vendors were nice and colorful.


The peonies are in bloom, and this year the pink ones are more full and beautiful than ever (from what I can remember, since last year they never bloomed at all, to my deep sadness).

The watermelon has reached a peak of deliciousness this year (no, it was not as good last summer, I am sure of that). I must have been the extra long and harsh winter that contributed this year to the superior fruit.

Rain days are torture for the kids, but not too bad for parents (great for gardens). It’s good to just be inside and put on a cardigan and socks in between bouts of suffocating heat (I know, it never even got to 90F yet, but you will allow the exaggeration for the sake of narrative tension, right? Of course.)

What else is happening this summer? My wardrobe is getting darker and darker. I don’t know what’s happening, but I can’t stand any color anymore. I am dyeing everything with RIT black dye or packing it in bags for donation if it dares to be colorful. I feel like I have gone mad. But on the other hand, this is probably just phase that will pass. It’s like that time when I wanted to wear only paisley prints.

Even black and rainy as it seems to appear, this summer is expected to be gorgeous and simply extraordinary. Like almost every summer before her. It’s got good pedrigree. I’m sure this new generation won’t disappoint. I’m counting on it.

One thought on “Summer in (sort of) full swing

  1. rachel

    I love your take on summer – it’s all about perspective – though I wish you hadn’t lost your sunglasses. The photos you have here are lovely, btw, and I like imagining the markets….

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