Short Fiction

“Ink Bodies” (a short story) — Twilight Madhouse Vol. 4, Dark Rooms Edition, Schreyer Ink Publishing, October 2018). The scariest secrets are kept in the furthest rooms, and our deepest fears reside in the darkest corners. Venture deeper into the madhouse than you have before with eight new stories that explore dark changes, darker desires, and the places where the light never quite reaches.

“A Visitor at Sultana’s Castle” (a short story) — DeadSteam, a collection of dreadpunk tales edited by Bryce Raffle, to be published by Grimmer & Grimmer Books, October 2018.

“Picture Perfect” (a short story) — Myths, Monsters, Mutations, Stories Collected and Edited by Jessica Augustsson, JayHenge Publishing, 2017