Back to blogging

back-to-bloggingI have big plans to revive this website and start spending more of my time to update it. I know it is what I should do. I mean, it’s about the only thing that I could relatively easily do to keep my name (my books) alive out here on the Internets. For a self-published writer, I am really pathetic at marketing my books. Maybe that’s why I’m such a failure. But, look, I have decided to try harder with the website, at least.

Although, you know, I do have a long and sad history of not keeping my promises here on the blog (never ever did I post those “more vacation photos” from India or showed you more of my seasonal uniforms, as I had vowed to my faithful(?) readers(?). So, I don’t know if your should get your hopes up. Not that anyone would actually hope for anything regarding my website — I’m not delusional, don’t worry.

I do have conflicted feelings about blogging, that’s for sure. First, after long absences it’s hard to find my voice again, and that makes me write the dullest and shortest posts in the history of the world wide web, when I do try to write something. Then, I know that blogging success is a lot about networking, and my talents in that direction are nonexistent. Then, blogging often involves a lot of work and I ask myself often how much of it is worth all that.Then there is the eternal question of how much is too much to reveal on the Internet. I don’t know how to find that acceptable, safe balance.

Anyway, let’s hope it works for me this time, right? Blogging is also fun and inspiring and a good way to interact with people who are alike (although, often way more creative, wiser, and more interesting than I could ever be). So, small steps. One post every week. See how it goes. Wish me luck.

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