Spell of Blindness


Spell of Blindness

a novel

Ana Dor envisions a love of mystical dimensions that will save her, solve all mysteries of life, and bring her closer to God and happiness. This love carries in her mind all the weight of a true faith, and Ana is determined to believe it into existence. In time, however, she finds that she has been blinded by this same faith that once had opened her eyes.

Unable to find in real life the man from her visions, after many failed relationships, Ana is starting to see that somewhere along the way she made a mistake. She is no longer on the right track, and what she had deemed the only meaning of her existence is still far outside her reach. Ana tries to reclaim the truth once again by looking for answers in the wisdom of other people, places and times. Orthodox monks, witches, and Eastern gurus cross her path with their light; and the experiences of her closest friends, who are thrown in the depths of darkness through their struggles with disease or cultish brainwashing, teach Ana lessons that she never suspected she would have to learn.

In trying to reassess her life, Ana realizes truths that she hopes will bring her to the end of her journey but might be only marking the beginning of a new one. “Spell of Blindness” describes the spiritual journey of a woman who grows from a girl with traditional religious values and romantic ideas of personal fulfillment through love, into an insightful woman with a broader perspective on spirituality and a better understanding of the existential need to find accomplishment somewhere other than in romance.