I write about women’s lives, of both mystical and mundane significance, and about their ancestral and contemporary imprint on the world.

I worked for more than seven years on my first novel, Spell of Blindness, which I ended up self-publishing because I didn’t have the heart to submit it to agents. While I don’t really identify with the main character (although it is based on a real person), this book says a lot about who I am and about my life back in Romania. It is more of a character-based, atmospheric story which I had to write and which I’m happy to have exorcised. You can find out more about Spell of Blindness here.

Freed from the obsession and pain of the first book, I have been working on a second novel (and of course planning a third). My second book is less connected to real life as I’ve known it and more of a fable. It is nonetheless a contemporary tale, relevant to the world we live in, as women. I am now doing final edits and submitting it to agents. The book is tentatively titled Dragaica, the Devil Woman, and Them, and you can read more about it here.

In the past two years I have been haunted rather incessantly by the specter of speculative fiction, which is a good space for short stories. I have been writing dark, occult, Gothic, macabre, sometimes futuristic short fiction, and the more I do it the stronger and deeper I feel its pull.

Whatever the form or genre, I write fiction about women. I grew up reading “the classics,” all men, and only very late did I realize that their perspective was not everything. That it was skewed and small and ignored any feminine views. I never wanted anything more than to write about my own world, and the worlds of the women I’ve known, because our perspectives remain unfairly unknown and forgotten.