My closet is the playground where I take my mental health breaks. I am not going to call it a guilty pleasure, but I still feel like I need to justify this “frivolous” interest, although I have a strong suspicion that the criticism of shallowness attached to fashion is mostly due to the fact that historically clothes have been the domain of women. If you ask me, clothing is intriguing, rich in subtext, and serves several important functions. A significant one is that it helps us solidify a sense of identity and self that can otherwise be very fluid from one day to another. A strong, coherent sense of self, in turn, can help us navigate the world in a more convincing, and successful way. Also essential, clothes can offer us a sense of control over our image, and how we project it in the world, which is so important for self-confidence. And now I’m going to stop trying to validate my interest in fashion. It is what it is.