Lori Tiron-Pandit is a writer, editor, translator, and Web communicator of Romanian extraction. She lives in a small town near Boston, with her two children and her husband. Lori Tiron-Pandit has a BA in Journalism and Communication. Her writing and editing experience includes print magazine editing, website creation and content development, as well as fiction, non-fiction, and poetry translation.

I write about women’s lives, of both mystical and mundane significance, and about their ancestral and contemporary imprint on the world. Growing up with the “great” “classics” of literature, all men, only very late did I realize that the male perspective was not all there was, that it was skewed and small and ignored women’s views. My writing is rooted in the worlds of the women I have known.

My first book, SPELL OF BLINDNESS, is a women’s fiction novel that portrays a young woman’s journey in search of the mythical “great love,” a universally feminine search that dwells both in the realm of real life and in a deeper and darker beyond.