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Rae Joyce, Three Words, Island to IslandMy incredible friend, writer and artist Rachel J. Fenton (aka Rae Joyce), has been working very hard lately on a multitude of projects, two of which having recently come to fruition in a most beautiful way: two shiny books filled with art and stories.

Rae Joyce, Three Words, Island to Island

Three Words, an anthology of Aotearoa/NZ Women’s Comics, edited by Rachel together with Sarah Laing and Indira Neville is a collaborative survey of the past twenty years of New Zealand women’s comics, bringing together over 60 contributors. It comes to show that, although frequently ignored, there are many women who make comics.

Find out more about Three Words here.

Rae Joyce, Three Words

Island to Island is an amazingly beautiful book that includes the works of six graphic novelists from New Zealand and Taiwan, Rae Joyce being one of them. It’s a beautiful creation of six artists who got to know each other and include one other in their own work: each piece is created by one of them and dedicated to another. I thought the concept was amazing and the final product is a thing of beauty.

That cute package is filled with the most delicious teas from Taiwan. Yes, I was royally rewarded for this review.

You can read more about both projects on Rachel’s blog Snow Like Thought.

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