The small pleasures of office supplies: notebook edition

1I have to confess, it is hard to return to blogging after a long absence. It was not easy before either, but this time I feel so out of touch with my own … blogging voice, let’s call it (what I mean is that I don’t know what to write about). So when I come up with one idea, I milk it to death. Serializing is the best way of getting as much as possible from one small, lonely thought, isn’t it? Sorry.

So, notebooks. Right. A few weeks ago I went to a craft supplies store to buy something that I don’t remember right now and I noticed these small notebooks in the art section (the thin purple one in the picture). I decided on the spot that they would be excellent for jotting down the basics of the book I am writing now, like the evolution of characters, and title ideas, and inspiring stories or facts. Because I get to throw myself into working on the book for ten minutes at a time only, with vast empty spaces in between, and I forget. Ideas come and go and the book remains largely untouched. Here it to hoping that I can stay more focused now, and I can actually finish this thing. Dream big, they say.

I don’t know if I can recommend the technique. It does feel like just another way to avoid actually opening the Word document and working on the actual text. It does seem like a good idea though, so I’m keeping at it for now.

And because I feel generous today, although completely uninspired to write anything good myself, I am offering you a link to the post about Moleskine notebooks on the Stuff White People Like website.

The small pleasures of office supplies: pen edition


I think a big part of my conviction that “I am a writer” came early in my childhood from my love for office supplies. Aren’t all big decisions based on important feelings like that? I see it in my daughter too these days, when she cannot be convinced to leave Staples unless yelled at, even after spending there no less than one hour every single time we visit.

The laptop (why do they insist on calling them “notebooks” these days? Notebooks are the paper thingies, people!) is still my best friend, but a little paper and pen by its side seem to make even more sense. Just like the e-reader keeps good company to the traditionally printed books, right? Exactly.

I remember, as a very young child, before I knew how to write, filling notebook after notebook with squiggles that in my mind looked a lot like real writing. I followed the ink lines left behind by the tip of my pen and it felt like a thing a beauty. And it still does. That’s the weirdest thing. It doesn’t wear off, this childish wonder.

I have never been too fancy about my pens. Anything works. I buy them from the pharmacy, grocery store or Staples, on a whim, and I go for pens that look good and have black ink. I don’t care about the difference between liquid ink and gel, or ball-point and needle point. I am afraid that there are very few pens that I don’t like. But because I don’t like change much, I have settled for now on two favorites: the Pilot Precise V5 and the Uni-Ball Signo Gelstick 0.7. My pen love goes to these two. I’m sure you were dying to know.