Things happening, things stagnating

upward view of willow treeSo, with what should I bore you, nice people, today? I am a bottomless fountain of nothing-interesting-to-say every time I log into my blog’s admin page to write something for my hoards of one or two readers. I bet you’re on the edge of your seats right now. Let’s see how it turns out.

School has started for my daughter. Happy times for her. The toddler is not that glad, though, left at home with just this boring old mother and her no, no, no don’t do that, not allowed, dangerous! To which he responds smiling and then seriously: no, no-no, no! And after which he goes right ahead and does it anyway. This is going to be a long winter!

Yes, I am already dreading winter. Winter with a toddler trapped at home. What does one do? I don’t remember from last time. I guess we succumb to buying stores worth of toys that the kid never plays with. I am going to try my best to avoid that pitfall, but can I already see myself stumbling somehow unavoidably right into it.

The blog has been terribly neglected because … still no sleep over here and because mister Busyfeet needs to be taken out all the time or he throws a fit. So I’ve seen a lot of my yard this summer. Not my favorite activity. (You do remember, I’m sure, the ticks and the poison ivy that lurk around waiting for me–and apparently only me, but that’s another story–right?). Yeah. I did try a few times to get my laptop outside, because I’m by nature so overly optimistic (laughing? you should be!). I’m delusional. That sure I am. Of course Busytwoleftfeet needs me to run after him all the time or he gets into various sorts of trouble.

When I can escape for an hour or two on my own, I visit thrift shops. I have bought several fun things lately, but I need to take photos so, that post is going to come later. One observation: linen is the most pleasing of fabrics. But linen designs can be so bad and dowdy most of the time. There are only a few designers who can (care to?) do linen well. I have noticed (this time on the Internet, not in the shops) that the Japanese designers know linen better and make beautiful clothes and other utilitarian objects with it. I especially like this apronĀ which looks like something I’ve seen in a Japanese sewing book. I tried to replicate it yesterday out of an old bed sheet and it turned out cute, although not really perfect.

apron top partapron bottom part(Please forgive the terrible photos. I really need to learn to use this camera better. The first picture of this post proves to all naysayers that I could potentially do it, though, right? One day. Sit tight!)

Anyway, when I make it from linen (yes, I’m back to the apron sewing story), it’s going to be just right. I don’t know if you wear aprons in the kitchen, but I discovered that I need to. Since my philosophy is to use all my good clothes all the time (and get rid of the bad ones–so no lounge clothes for me) I cannot really bear to see splatters of tomato sauce, oil or, even worse, turmeric-infused oil, all over my beloved shirts and skirts. My old apron fell victim to a fatal leather-dyeing incident, and I haven’t been able to buy another one that was both cheap and aesthetically pleasing, so after finding about four yards of beautiful navy linen in Savers, I decided to make my own. (Although I’ll probably end up cutting my old linen curtains for that purpose and keep the new navy linen for another project. Although, and this is a distinct possibility, I might not cut anything, because I’d feel terrible to ruin that beautiful linen, and then I’ll just use this one that I made already, which is not all that bad.)

All right. Let’s hope the next post will come sooner than this one, and it will be slightly interesting. What? It doesn’t hurt to hope, does it? For example, I am hoping that my smallest of children will sleep through the night tonight. It’s not going to kill me if I hope. (Although it is going to make me slightly more frustrated when again it doesn’t happen.) Here’s to wishing for the impossible! It’s better than … something, probably, I just can’t think of it.