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So, how is everyone doing? February feels like it’s three-months long, doesn’t it?

True to my decision to start posting here more often, here I am again after a month with a very interesting update about notebooks! Because why not discuss things that are pleasant, right? I am slowly realizing that our obsession to dwell on the trauma and unhappiness in order to heal it is not really working out for most people. I think the way forward is to continue to bury our feelings. Not to bury them, actually, just hit Ignore. Just choose not to allow them to take space in our minds. Don’t give them fuel to become larger than they need to be.

I read somewhere that the secret to happiness is simply choosing one thought over the other. Isn’t that amazing? Because it is as simple as that. What do we choose to dwell on? Life is hard and imperfect. We cannot solve everything or everyone. We cannot fix ourselves oftentimes. What we have to do is go on and for that we need to stay functional. Have you noticed that many people who “bury their feelings” remain very functional? Why not choose the good, happy thought over the dark, paralyzing one? Why not always imagine the happy ending? Might not turn out happy, but leading up to it we’re good. And afterwards? I don’t know. It’s not like I have all the answers. Afterwards I guess we choose to forget it as soon as we can. Because we can’t go back and change anything, so what’s the point? Just look up ahead again, to something else bright and shiny. That’s all. Life’s secrets unlocked. You’re welcome!

Accuracy Note: The correct quote is actually “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another,” and it belongs to William James, considered the father of American psychology.

And now, notebooks, as promised. Because that’s our happy place.

This is actually an update to my journal system described earlier.

Notebook Paper

I think I have reached perfection when it comes to my writing/journaling supplies. This is where I declare myself happy and content and no longer looking at all the pens and all the inks and notebooks out there. Well, kind of, because of course I already have my eye on a new type of paper that I’d like to try. (The Onion Skin Journal! I mean, come on, how good does that sound?)

But I am good with notebooks. last year, everyone in the fountain pen community went a little berserk because the Tomoe River paper manufacturer in Japan said there won’t be any more such paper being made. Over and done. The machine broke and they could not fix it. Tried replacing it but that didn’t give the same results so they were just halting production. Oh, that was a sad moment. (Of course now there are rumors that someone else bought the machine and they might be coming out with more paper soon? Who knows?)

What I know is that I really liked my new notebook, so after a while I bought another one online, just to have a backup. And then, when the news came that the paper would be discontinued, I went ahead and bought two more. And another one when I got a coupon in the main. Here I have to stop and mention that it takes me about two years to fill out one of these monster journals (about 400 pages each). So I might be set for the next 8 years, you know? But onion skin paper, people! Who can resist the thought of that!

Notebook Cover

I do have to say that the cover I got for my journal is amazing and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s from JoyToken and was a splurge for my birthday two years ago. I removed the long cord that was tying the journal as a closure, because I really don’t need to use that, but the extra long flap keeps it nicely closed and protected in a bag. It’s lasted amazingly well after two years of constant use. I have been moisturizing the leather regularly, which probably helps. It’s very huggable. Really. I feel like hugging my journal every time I pick it up. Do you do that? Anyway, I expect to be using this cover for many many years to come.

Well, this was fun. I’ll be telling you all about my pens and inks in a future post, I guess. Something to look forward to. (For me, if not so much for you.) In the meantime, choose the happy thought over the other!

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