De la Musique Avant Toute Chose: Lost on You and Stolen Dance

Lost on You,Artist: LP

Some music, very rarely, only once in a couple of years, if you’re lucky, goes directly to the core of you and settles in there, to make a home. This is one of those songs.

And the woman has style! Her androgynous look is beyond mesmerizing. I loved one of the YouTube comments on this video, that said (roughly translated from Spanish): I thought you were a man and fell in love. Then I found out you were a woman, and I’m still very much in love.

I thought this interview in Untitled Magazine, LP on “Death Valey” and Why Androgyny Is Everything was fantastic, especially the photos!

Stolen Dance, artist: Milky Chance

And this is another one of those rare songs. It makes my body start dancing, from deep inside, to all the way out.

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