De la Musique Avant Toute Chose: Lost on You and Stolen Dance

Lost on You,Artist: LP

Some music, very rarely, only once in a couple of years, if you’re lucky, goes directly to the core of you and settles in there, to make a home. This is one of those songs.

And the woman has style! Her androgynous look is beyond mesmerizing. I loved one of the YouTube comments on this video, that said (roughly translated from Spanish): I thought you were a man and fell in love. Then I found out you were a woman, and I’m still very much in love.

I thought this interview in Untitled Magazine, LP on “Death Valey” and Why Androgyny Is Everything was fantastic, especially the photos!

Stolen Dance, artist: Milky Chance

And this is another one of those rare songs. It makes my body start dancing, from deep inside, to all the way out.

De la musique avant toute chose: Mistwirler – Law Yet Unbroken

Moody and beautifully haunting. The artists are from Moscow: Bansheerie (music, lyrics, guitar, vocals) and
Vivita (music, banjo, vocals and cover art)

Also found on Death Roots Syndicate Volume VI. (Death Roots Syndicate is a free digital download label specializing in the promotion of dark music including but not limited to country, folk, blues, rock, punk and roots music. First time I’m learning about them, but it all sounds so good, I want to listen to all their stuff.)

De la musique avant toute chose

Of music before everything

(I don’t remember why I had chosen that French verse for my—very rare—music posts, but although pretentious, I still kind of like it. Because Verlaine was right and writing is nothing if not music.)

Anyway, the song I wanted to share today is Karen Elson’s The Ghost Who Walks. Hauntingly beautiful though slightly depressing (but I find all good music depressing, or rather I find only sad music beautiful).

Have a beautiful Sunday!

KAREN ELSON, The Ghost Who Walks

De la musique avant toute chose

INDILA, Derniere Danse

I don’t know if this will become a series, but it just might. I am always looking for music with lyrics and videos that seem appropriate for my young daughter, and when I find something I like, I might share it over here for those of you who might be facing similar hardships in finding “clean” music for your children.

(The title of this might-just-be series comes from Paul Verlaine’s Art Poétique. It means “music before everything else.”)