Happy New Year

tree1Another new year. Don’t these things seem to turn up at an alarmingly fast rate lately? Only yesterday I was writing this previous new year post.

Anyway, besides coming all too fast and before I could do anything of note for whole time in between, the new year is nearly always welcome here. It brings hope. And hope is mightier than fear. It’s what I have learned from watching The Hunger Games movies with my daughter a million and one times during this very long winter vacation.

My plan for this year is to go out more. Both in the real world and on the online one. Both personally and professionally (but more the latter). I’m kind of sick of my own bubble. All is getting old inside my own head, so I want to extend out of there. I’ve been already sending tentacles probing and priming. This thing is coming out from under the ice. Beware! (Yes, I’m watching way too many movies lately, that’s for sure).

Happy New Year and may you have great success in anything you will be doing!