Thrift Treasures: The Coat

I found a great winter coat! And I mean great! First of all, it is looong! All the way to my ankles, which is the length I have been dreaming of for a while, because the Olsen twins make it look so good, and also because a recent, frigid weekend trip to Boston made me aware of how much more protection I could get if my coat was longer.

Secondly, the coat it is made of all natural fibers, which is the first thing I look for when thrifting, as you may know. The fiber content is 50% suri alpaca and 50% lambswool. And on top of it all it is not stiff and doesn’t weigh a ton, due to how the fabric is woven and also to the high alpaca content.

Thirdly, the coat is shaggy-looking and super warm, basically a teddy bear coat. It reminds me at the same time of the Max Mara teddy coat and of the coat Romanian shepherds wear called suba [shuba].

Romanian Shepherd
Photo by Eduard Gutescu.
The Max Mara teddy bear coat.

This fall I also bought (off eBay) a North Face maxi down coat, which is amazing as well and makes any freezing temperatures feel insignificant.

I feel lucky. For many years I didn’t own a proper winter coat because when my weight changed significantly after I had my daughter, I couldn’t make peace with a body that I didn’t know how to dress. Coats, all coats, just seemed to make me look so much bigger than I already was! My weight has been fluctuating, and now it’s again pretty high, but this time I know what feels good on this body, and I know how to find clothes that continue to make me happy regardless of weight. Finding coats that I love to wear is the ultimate proof that I am good and happy. Weight can come and go. And so can long and freezing winter.

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