Kitchen Privileges, by MARY HIGGINS CLARK

So I was in this mood to read writers’ biographies. Women writers, to be more exact.  As I was sitting in the children’s section of the library, and my daughter was making a mess of all the toys out there, I grabbed a computer and started to do some research. I filled up five small pieces of paper I had found around (announcing a Halloween movie showing at the library) with titles and when the child was ready to go, we passed through the non-fiction room and picked out two books. One was Pagan Time and the other Kitchen Privileges. I did not achieve much of what I was expecting with none of these books. Pagan Time is a book about a child who grows up in a commune. The fact that the child becomes a writer at some point in her life is irrelevant for the story (if you don’t consider the aspect that the child-now-writer actually wrote this book). Kitchen Privileges is simply not such a great book.

I have never heard of Mary Higgins Clark before.  Now I find out that she’s a mystery writer. She seems like the nicest woman. He life has been quite adverse and littered with tragedies starting with the death of her father when she was 12 to the death of her older brother when she was 17 and the death of her husband when they had five children, aged from 5 to 14. I cannot imagine the hardships. What I admired was her attitude as showed in the book. She doesn’t whine once. She doesn’t say once that she was a widow with five children to raise by herself.

But besides that, her writing career is not very inspiring. Might be because she doesn’t emphasize so much on the writing itself as on her life around it. What I found out about her writing process is that she used to wake up at five in the morning and work until a quarter to seven, when she had to get the children ready for school. She always had a full-time job, which she obviously needed with such a big family to support.

Although I was not all that impressed by her writing life, I did grow to admire the person, after reading this book.