My latest worry: we live our daly lives surrounded by machines and devices that use electricity  and radio waves and emit electromagnetic fields (EMF) and they are affecting us in ways we don’t yet understand.

Besides the TVs, CD players, sound systems, radio alarm clocks, computer screens, a friend made me aware of the wireless waves that float around in my house, because I want to use my laptop on the couch. What about the mobile phones that keep talking on all the time?

Somebody told me that when people moved in the first houses with electrical wiring in the walls, they experienced health problems that are no longer reported. Maybe we’ve become immune to it. Maybe the cancers are fighting the war for us. I don’t know, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I have to do something.

Recent studies show that electromagnetic radiation can be linked to many diseases like leukemia, brain cancer, miscarriage, birth defects and even Alzheimer’s.

The Agency for Reasearch on Cancer, cited by the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies the ”extremely low electromagnetic fields” as ”possibly carcinogenic to humans”, along with coffee and gasoline engine exhaust (coffee???). To find out more, read this WHO article: Electromagnetic fields and public health: extremely low frequency fields and cancer. But now I wonder, which are the “extremely low” fields? I’m not sure.

The World Health Organization has great resources regarding this type of radiation, and labels it as “one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences, about which anxiety and speculation are spreading.” Also read this article where it is explained exactly what are the electromagnetic fields.

Another very interesting and disturbing article on EMF speaks the type of fields produced by different devices (microwave oven, computer, cell phone but also electric razor and hairdryer) and their effects on health and the development of children.

At first I only tried to remove the electrical devices from our bedrooms, like the radio alarm clocks. I replaced them with battery operated ones. But the lamps are still there. Plugged in, all the time. Aren’t those harmful too? And I need those. So I started to think that maybe instead of getting rid of the cause, I can somehow block the effects. How can we neutralize the electromagnetic fields?

From my research on the Internet I found out a few steps that we can take, besides decreasing exposure to the devices that create EMF, like avoid beds with metal parts (metal is a conductor of electromagnetic field radiation), avoid locations under power lines (I don’t even know how that would be possible: power lines are everywhere), too close to the TV or the computer.  Also, keep the mobile phone further away from the body (I use the loud speaker function) and use traditional phones with a cord for the landlines.

Salt lamps and crystals are also considered to help. At least this is what the companies who sell them say. Maybe they are only trying to take advantage of gullible people like me?

Solay Wellness Inc. sells crystal salt lamps and assures us that they neutralize the electromagnetic fields. I like salt lamps. They look natural and beautiful and provide a very pleasant light. I believe they help enriching the air with negative ions that promote a state of well-being. But as far as neutralizing the EMF? I don’t know. These lamps work with electricity, you know? I would trust more a salt crystal candle holder, because that I don’t have to plug in.

Healing Crystals recommends using crystals to block the electromagnetic pollution from computers, either by placing them on your desk or by wearing them in a pouch and around your neck. TerraStar is a company that manufactures a pretty pendant out of different crystals and natural raisin, and maintains that they can protect our health.

Block EMF is a web site that offers a multitude of products destined to “clear the waves”. One of the most interesting is a sort of gold coin thing, called The Wave Shield, that attaches to the mobile phone to make it less harmful. Biopro is another company that offers a cell chip for the same purpose.

EMF features a patented product, Q-Link, which worn around the neck, charges from the body’s energy and protects it from the harmful magnetic fields.

I don’t know what works and what doesn’t, but I am going to try a few things. I ordered two salt crystal candle holders and I bought some crystals to place around our computers too. Less use of cell phones for sure. I have given up on the hairdryer for some time now, anyway. More mechanical, hand operated machines and less electrical, sophisticated ones. That’s my final thought, I suppose. Instead of a snow blower, use the Wovel next year (just take a look at this clever tool) and instead of the gas lawnmower, take another look at the manual reel mower. Back to basics, to nature, to tradition. It always seems like a proper advice. (She said sitting on the sofa with the laptop in her arms, directly exposed to all types of radiation. But well, I’m choosing my battles, right? I cannot fight them all.)

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