Of mice and sleep

winterberries2This hasn’t been an easy week at my house. Sickness and sleepless kids. Not fun at all. But it is Friday and we do seem to see the light at the end of it all.

I often feel like I shouldn’t be whining so much about my lack of sleep. I mean, everybody is sleep deprived to some extent. I’m nothing special. I can’t help it though. I don’t know how others deal with it, but I can barely make it through the day. It feels like torture. Understandably, since it is torture. Although, apparently, the American public believes that it is the most acceptable form of torture.

Now, forgive me a short digression, but don’t you hate the euphemisms used nowadays to make the atrocity that is war seem less of an outrage? Calling soldiers “troops” so they sound less human and we are less shocked when we hear about these young people’s violent deaths? Calling torture practices “enhanced interrogation techniques” so that we feel that they are justified instead of inhuman acts that are abhorrent by any standard of morality? On the other hand, it just shows how much language matters and how it can shape what we feel about events. Language is such a powerful tool of manipulation, and it has been used so masterfully throughout time by politicians, religious leaders and marketers, with the help of the media, to shape us into the confused, scared and angry little mice that we seem to be today.

Right. Well, things are happening in the world this scared mouse is too tired most of the time to even become aware of anything, even what’s right under her nose. But soon things will be better. Soon.

It doesn’t help this week that I am about to finish a technical communication class I am taking, and I need to submit the final project on Saturday. My project was to create an informative website on author platforms. It has been fun. I might actually make the website public soon, because it could be useful for people, who knows. I am also trying to learn a new website building software, which is a lot of fun. Any day now I’ll probably make some changes over here, because this website right now looks so bad on tablets and phones! Not acceptable these days, right? Now when you have hoards of people waiting to read your every word the instant you publish it on your mega-successful blog, like not me. But still, I’m practicing my web design skills over here, so this website is, ultimately, good for something. Hurray! Now back to her wheel this mouse swiftly goes.