I have been waiting to go to the flea market since February. The weather just wasn’t good enough. Not on weekends! So we ended up spending a lot of rainy days in the McDonald’s playspace. I know, I know.

Finally, this Sunday we were pleasantly surprised by a smiling warm sun and we decided that we can finally make the trip to the … flea market! It was almost everything that I had expected – crowded, friendly, calming, refreshing, tiring, beautiful. Ananya had plenty of fun.

We started as if for a road trip (of 20 minutes) all prepared with water bottles and Johnny Cash CD. “A boy named Sue” always makes me cry and laugh in the same time, but I guess that happens to everybody who listens to it. It is a work of art, right?

The market parking was almost full. So many people had taken advantage of the beautiful weather to go and hang out. Many children too. Some vendors who seemed to have come just to breathe in the atmosphere, because they had almost nothing to sell. Ananya enjoyed looking at all the toys. Among her favorites – a horribly noisy plastic doll with blonde plastic hair, an inflatable Dora the Explorer, some crocheted finger puppets and what she actually got, a beautiful wood let’s call it dog on wheels and a great wood bench. Mommy also got something for herself – a absolutely beautiful ceramic container with cork.

I intend to make an oil mixture for the face (avocado oil and castor oil) and keep it in the bathroom in this beautiful container. You can read about the oil cleansing method here. One thing that I have to say about it is that back in Romania, and I am guessing all over Europe, we use a thing called “makeup remover” which is basically a light creamy lotion that  we use to wipe our faces with the help of some cotton balls. In US they seem to be crazy about foaming face cleansers and, as I found out much later, there is a thing called “cold cream” which could be very much similar to the make-up remover I am used to. I have never tried it though.

So the flea market proved to be a wonderful Sunday activity – fresh air, walking, community feeling, human interaction, kid and earth-friendly. What more could I ask for?

Saturday we went for a small trek in our own town and it was a beautiful experience for all of us. There were no people to see, but nature was in full-bloom and that is a fulfilling spectacle in itself.