The Female Brain, by Louann Brizendine

femalebrainI hated this book. I was expecting some great revelations from it and in the end… nothing, nothing at all. There is nothing new that you would learn from this book. The same old stereotypes that are given a scientific shape, brainy explanations. I was laughing with my husband that he has a female brain and I have a predominantly male one, because in our family h is the one who loves to talk, who is more social while I prefer solitary activities. Actually, apparently there has been a recent study which shows that men and women use roughly the same amount of words daily.

So what do we find from the author of this book? That women are conditioned to be interested in good looking men to have sex with. Wow! Really? Isn’t that the big bomb? We also find that our brains turn to mush when we become mothers and our whole world of interests changes for good. Aha. Who would have guessed?

I was hoping to get some insight that would help me with the Mutiny of Violets but I was not that lucky. Still searching.

I wonder about the relevance of this book and how could anybody decide to publish this in 2006. Well, I wasted my time with it and I am not happy. I hope that my next book will make up for it. Let’s wait and see what comes up next on my reading table. Until then, I forgive this book for taking up my precious time and I hope others will be smarter and will stop reading in time or simply not even take this book from the library shelf.

Oh, searching some more online I find out that the author of this book has been under quite some attack for not fact-checking her book. Also for citing fake sources (that don’t actually support her assertions as she wants to make her readers believe). All right. And another thing – if you start reading the bad reviews the book is getting on Amazon, you will certainly run far, far away from it, never to touch it in your life. I enjoyed reading the bad reviews much more than I enjoyed the book itself. At least it stirs some discussion. That is most times constructive. Wow. I am impressed by how critical people can be and by how lovely that is sometimes, in the world. I am happy to see that actually there are not so many the ones that take everything written to be God-spoken truth.