Happy New Year

I don’t know if I am going to call this a resolution, but I plan to work on my website more in 2022. It’s been ignored for too long. So yeah, expect me to be more present here as I slow down an other places like Instagram for example.

I will first of all have to update my digital marketing & design portfolio page because this is what’s be been keeping me busy these post two years. More than writing or even Web design I have been doing digital art and social media marketing. It’s been a period of learning and growth but also mourning for the times when I could still find time to write. I need to get back to that. Because if I don’t write who am I?

My artistic preoccupations have been more in the area of watercolor, digital design than writing. I find visual arts much more relaxing. Writing is too intellectual, too much only in the head. And that can be very taxing. But drawing? Painting? I feel they are more free. You don’t need to think that much and you can allow yourself to be led by inspiration only. Maybe some writers can do that too. For me, it might be an issue of writing in a language that’s not exactly my own.

Here are a few of my paintings. The “woman with the hairband”portrait is digital art done in Procreate on the iPad, and all the others are watercolors. I have an affinity for portraiture, clearly.

I have also been sewing a lot more in the past two years. Lots of oversized square tops in linen and silk, and several #cottagecore dresses in Liberty of London fabrics with which I’ve been having a short-lived infatuation.

My fountain pen hobby has remained a constant, although I did streamline that after getting a coveted gold nib for my birthday this year.

I think I might have found my perfect pen finaly. It’s the Kaweco Special. So underrated! Tried the Al sport first and just hated it! Everyone raves about that pen on fountain-pen enthusiast discussion forums. But the special is great for me. I like a thin barrel and a sturdy but not heavy aluminum construction. Plus it can hold a large international cartridge, which holds a lot of ink. So yeah, I bought a second one! Had to. I always have a need to buy two of everything. Or three if it’s really love. Anyway, in the case of the fountain pens I needed two because I use one extra fine point nib for regular writing, and a 1.1 calligraphy nib for headers and such. But those are the only pens I use every day. I know many people keep several inked pens at a time (up to a dozen or so). I am good with two.

Okay. This is a long post and I’m just about starting to bore even myself. So let’s not push it. I’ll be back!

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