Cotton handmade baby dollIt’s here! Meet baby Rupa.

Still feeling guilty after not buying for my very sensible child a small, cheap toy that she wanted, I went ahead and created a more natural version of the plastic baby out of flannel and organic cotton filling and cotton yarn for clothes.

I considered making a nice Waldorf baby for her, with this pattern from Echoes of a Dream, that I used before. Softie Making is another great web site with ideas for doll making. But I kind of liked this pattern from Martha Stewart, because it seemed suitable for a baby. Well, I didn’t actually use the pattern provided (who’s going to print that?) but I looked at the images and traced my own. Which resulted in a very skinny baby, but it’ll have to do.

I made it in one day, clothes included. A frantic, obsessive day. But it can be done. My other doll creation took about a week. I guess it’s not all that difficult. The actual doll was ready in three hours, but the clothes took longer time to knit. If I really knew what I was doing, I could probably finish the doll in one hour.

I’m happy I did this. And guess who else is very happy: “Mami, it’s my birthday, or it’s just a present?”

And she continues: “Thank you, mami. I don’t want this. Now give me my puppies.”