I find myself conflicted about this book. I wanted quite badly to “connect” with it and that didn’t happen. There are people who report to experience a physical sensation from the moment they touch this book, which is one aspect that the author also mentions in its pages. Well, nothing happened to me.

Nonetheless, the book brings forth a brilliant idea of hope: the human race is evolving physically, our DNA is reconnecting strands long lost.  We are improving. There are energies or forces out there that heal us, help us.

Eric Pearl is talking from his own experience which led him from being a mainstream chiropractor to becoming the new agey healer he is today. He didn’t do that by choice. It rather happened to him. The gift of healing. It happened in a powerful way, that he couldn’t ignore. So he went on to heal and try to explain to himself and others about the phenomenon that he considers something completely new in the sphere of alternative healing practices.

I have been put off by a few things, like the author’s puerile sense of humor (not all books need jokes, OK? It’s fine. We can take it.) His photo. What can I say, I tried to choose a better one to illustrate my little author bio on the bottom of the page. But if you Google Image his name, you will get some results that kind of make you wonder exactly what does this guy want to achieve? Pierce you with his eyes? Seem mysterious and aloof? Is he aiming at a portfolio to get some acting gigs in Hollywood? He poses too much. He’s also too young and arrogant looking. Sorry. I’m shallow. But I need to trust the man’s face. And I don’t.

I do think, though, that his book and his testimonial are important. I am convinced that his healing abilities are real and I trust that he is able to share that with people who come in contact with him. I am not really convinced he can do it through the book though, as he claims. Or maybe I am not open enough. I need to be open to that possibility too.

Eric Pearl’s story of transformation is a fascinating one. The healing of his patients are extraordinary and compelling. His rationalization of the whole phenomenon … not so charming. But whatever way one tries to explain these things, the most important aspect is that they exist, they happen and they gives us hope that somebody or something out there hasn’t given up on us.

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