The yuck and meh and hmm of early spring


In spite of the pretty flowers pictured (long gone anyway), it’s not all beauty and sunshine over here. The weather is drab and gray, and the flu has wreaked havoc in my family. The whole of March has been decisively unfun.

We are recovering slowly. Almost feel like one of these days we’ll be able to stay up past 8:30 at night. You know? Goals!

I’m really looking forward to more sunshine, more energy and generally just waking up again and feeling like a whole human being again. I got myself a set of dumbbells (the smallest I could find, of course) because I’m so stupidly optimistic, I believe I’m going to start exercising regularly! I know. I hate exercising. Call me crazy, I think this time I actually feel the need for it. Whatever. We’ll see.


The smallest of children is also starting to get more comfortable in preschool, which makes me feel hope again. Maybe one day, soon enough, I’ll have time of my own. Oh, to brush my teeth in peace, what a dream! The oldest child, is the opposite, of course: she’s never around, always hiding in her room when she’s not in school. I miss her. But when will her brother get to that stage too? Cause this mother is so old and tired and so feeling sorry for herself.

Right. Well, after contributing my due diligence to darkening your view of life and the universe (always here for you!) let me just retreat back into my hole and stop talking. You’re welcome, don’t worry about it.

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