Attacked by malicious files but published
in Feminism and Religion

Buddha statue in the gardenI am afraid that my website is in a bad shape right now. I had to delete everything to erase all traces of malicious files that had infected my website and rebuild it all from scraps that I had saved here and there (because my backups didn’t work). I will be working on it this following week to, hoping to recover as many posts as possible and to bring back all functionality. I’m sorry about all this. It has been a shock for me, followed by a lot of work and a lot of learning. It’s all (almost) going to be fine again, though, and no learning experience is to be discounted.

In the meantime, you can go and read an article of mine that has appeared on Feminism and Religion, an wonderful forum for thought on women and spirituality. My article is titledĀ This Be My Altar, but don’t stop there, look around, because that is a place filled with wisdom and inspiration.


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