We have a little garden growing. Heirloom tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, eggplants and herbs. Stubborn plants. We brought them home and kept them on the deck for about two weeks before we got a chance to work on the garden and no, they didn’t die.

They kept their heads up until they went into the ground. Some in a planter, some right in the middle of the lawn. Circled every day by little rabbits and a large woodchuck (or more), they look pretty and dreamy from the kitchen window.

With this and the bountiful CSA share we seem to be having this year I think we will be quite well set for vegetables for the summer. In the meantime we might just turn green from all the leaves that come in each and every dish that is made in our kitchen. Won’t that be very Milarepa-esque? Yeah, we’ll risk it. It’s a beautiful summer. It would be only right to also experience it from the inside.

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