And . . . more bloused

hanging corners blouse 1What can I say? It is summer and I am going through some lightly depressive episodes. Somehow sewing helps. What happened to my wardrobe simplicity quest you ask? It is just not a focus at the moment. Besides, my sewing is less about the desire to own these things as it is about the whole process of imagining and making them. Also, the first one is  from a thrifted fabric (bought for $1 enough fabric to make four of these blouses) and the third one is from a linen curtain that I had replaced.

I look at these blouses and I find it bewildering that they used to be large pieces of flat, unravelling fabric. I am always in awe of the act of making things, of creating, so specific to our species. The search for beauty and the dedication to bring it together from scraps, pieces of no significance of their own.

Immediate and concrete, sewing lets my mind wonder and my hands work, which seems to be something that I am in very much need of. Interestingly enough, I am reading right now “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron and here is what she has to say on this:

P.S. In that first image, the painting ( girl in a bottle) is done by my dear friend Rachel Fenton, of Snow Like Thought. I admired an image of it on her blog and she sent it to me! Isn’t it beautiful?

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