A million things to dobut a long weekend break will save us all

incense and hourglassThis weeks has passed very rapidly. I barely had time to notice it and Thursday was here and I hadn’t even thought of a post to publish here. I have been busy, trying to make a plan for the next two years while I have the baby with me at home: do some certification courses (technical writing), finish writing a book, teach myself more about web design, eat better and hope to find again that place where I feel good in my body, read more on feminism and women’s spirituality from as many sources as possible. In the meantime, I continued to clean the house really thoroughly (going through all the closets, drawers and boxes to get rid of stuff that’s not needed while reorganizing what we still need for better use) and I started to reorganize and upload into the “cloud” nine years’ worth of photos and videos, if I can find them all, since they are scattered on multiple media, in a variety of formats. It’s been a full week.

We are going away for the long weekend, so all the activities will thankfully come to a halt tomorrow. It’s going to be a log cabin in the mountains, not exactly my favorite sort of getaway (I prefer beaches, shops and crowds) but I’m planning to enjoy it fully. I like this sort of vacation: only an extended weekend, not too far from home, only enough to disconnect but not to enter a total “vacation mode” that makes it hard to return to the home routine.

Hope you have a beautiful time this weekend too. If you’re going to the beach, whatever. No need to rub it in. I do not envy you. Not at all. Not even one bit. OK. Got to get busy now. Packing. Tick repellent and rain jackets. Let the fun times begin.

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