A writerly use for Pinterest

Pinterest-boards-2I don’t remember whom I should give credit for making me aware of how authors can use Pinterest for inspiration or to promote their books. There are many articles online to this effect. I have been a member of Pinterest for a while, because I have some interest in personal style and natural-fiber clothing, and I could create beautiful boards around these interests. But now I have a new board up: Spell of Blindness. If you check it out, it will take you inside the world of Ana Dor, the main character of my book, on the streets and parks of Bucharest, and into the Romanian village landscape. It is a visual journey inside the book, which I hope will be enjoyable for readers.

As I am working on my second book, I am planning to start a board for that. And this new board will be more for my benefit than the readers’ because it will serve as inspiration for my writing, I hope, helping me get into the mood of the novel and into the atmosphere surrounding my characters. Maybe I’ll even attempt a cover.

See you on Pinterest!