My book news

This poor blog has been for so long neglected that I am feeling almost afraid to write now. What will I say?

Spell of Blindness coverMy first book, Spell of Blindness, is finished and will be released soon in e-book format. The title is changed, and much has been edited out and reorganized, but the story is largely the same one that I started writing more than seven years ago: a woman envisioned a love of mystical dimensions that carried all the weight of a true faith, and she was determined to believe it into existence. It is a simple story, but it does go deep, and I have faith that readers won’t regret the time spent in its world.

I am planning to release it in e-book format on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in December.

Until then, check out the page for Spell of Blindness in WRITTEN, where you can find a link for the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it.