What it is about bags and boxes I’ll never know entirely. The fascination of the secrets hidden inside, maybe. As a child, I remember, one of my most favorite imagination games was thinking of what people have stashed in closed drawers. All the treasures the eye cannot see. The forgotten pieces of other times, of other feelings, of the other people who we used to be.

I used to spend whole summers in my grandparents’ village and an aunt would come from Bucharest with all sorts of goodies I would never see anywhere else. Some of them were tucked, I remember perfectly, at the low ceiling beams of my great-grandmother’s tiny house. Oh, where my imagination would take me: salty, crunchy breadsticks, chewy, colorful, sugar-sprinkled Turkish delights.

The fascination never left and few things are so attractive to me as tin boxes. Especially when they are so exquisite as this Chinese moon cake box or so evocative as this Indian sweets box. Or even as simple as the “Crafty girl” tiny mints box. When have I become a collector?

The bag in the first photo is for my new camera. No, it’s not an actual camera bag, but it will work, simply because it’s so cute. As soon as I saw it, I imagined my camera inside. I imagined myself never going out without it on my shoulder, never missing any great shot that happens to come my way.

Bags and tin boxes … how they make me dream.

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