The groundhog never actually touched the tomatoes (or the eggplants, as a matter of fact). Not to their liking, I suspect. But that didn’t mean that we enjoyed these glorious vegetables either. No. Because we had planted them in a spot that doesn’t get enough sun, we were going to realize much later.

Well, we learned. We worked happily. We waited patiently for our plants to grow. We watered. We jumped with joy at the sight of flowers, small fruits. We watched our garden grow and transform every day with amazement and love.

Our dreams of abundance didn’t come true, but they won’t stop here. There are many more springs to come. We carry dreams for each of them. And we learn cherish the dreams for themselves, for what they make us do, for how they help us grow. If they come true, is a secondary matter, isn’t it? The dream produce that never made it to our table has nourished us in multiple ways.

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