Leather Sewing

leather-pouch3This is the most exciting project I have done lately. I was saving these leather pieces from an old jacket in the hopes that some day I would make myself the perfect tote bag, which I know I will never find to buy (not at any reasonable price, for sure). Ever since finding at the flea market an amazing large hobo-style bag, however, my desperation for the ideal tote has subsided and the pieces of leather have been forgotten. Until recently, when I decided that I wanted a large pouch to keep inside my large bag, and throw in there the million little things that find house in there and prevent me from ever finding anything inside this bag without breaking a sweat.

So basically my bag needed a bag. And now it has it.

It was not a very difficult project. It took me a little less than three hours. I used the zipper from another thrifted bag that suffered some transformations and the silk dupioni lining remnant from the large bag (the large bag itself had got a new lining and new zipper before I started to use it).

I made a beautiful pouch that I cannot stop admiring. I managed to achieve this because of very kind bloggers out there who generously posted on the Internet tutorials for this kind of thing. The tutorials I that guided me through this project came from Transient Expression, Rennes, Style Scrapbook and Jezebel, and I am very thankful to these bloggers. This ouch turned out so good that it actually gives me confidence that someday, with the right piece of leather (I will need something thicker) I’ll actually be able to make a very nice tote bag. My pouch actually can fold into a very pretty clutch and it fits quite comfortable under the arm. I am not a clutch type of girl though.

I haven’t been having much time for making things lately, but this project came at the right time. I needed to focus on something else other than editing and writing. It helped. The stress or work and studying seems to have lessened and I can see things in perspective again.

I find my way back to sanity by making things by hand. We all have our ways and this is mine, I guess. It’s a good thing to know about yourself, isn’t it?