From the shadows

Temple-shadowThere will be many more pictures from this magical place that I will share on the blog.

Coming back to the blog feels a bit awkward. It’s been a long time since I have felt inspired to write here. I do not want to abandon this place, though.

Right now I am enjoying the mild winter we are having here in New England. Back in Romania the snow storms have taken over and are paralyzing the country. My family is good and safe, though. When we were there, in December, we never experienced anything less than spring weather. In India though, the heat was overwhelming in December.

So yeah, it’s awkward at first when you meet someone after a long time, so we can start by talking about the weather, right?

And we shall continue with a little poem, because I don’t know about you, but I am not big on small talk.

“The Shadow” by George Bacovia

I was asleep over my papers and time had me covered in dust …
The void of your not coming had been expanding fast;
Inside the room, there was a shadow who pressed my shoulders down
I could see things that were not seen, it spoke of what couldn’t have been.

You can sleep now, it’s a late hour of the night
The little nothings, you’ll have another time to write.
A shadow you are now, and I can lift you high.
So leave this room behind and let the lamp light die.

Translated from Romanian by Loredana Tiron-Pandit. More poetry translations in WRITTEN.

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  1. Hi Lori,
    i’ve been visiting you since quite a while….though i did drop one day to read your poetry translations.
    how i love this picture ….very interesting coincidence,i was in India in Nov- dec….did visit temples and monuments.
    This new blog site is real cool!
    take care,

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