FrankiesWhen writing is not going well for me, as it is sadly happening at the moment, I find solace in working with my hands. I stay away from the computer and clear my mind. Knitting is my favorite occupation for such times (the only one that allows me to both work and watch TV, in the same time, but that’s not to be said in a loud voice).

I am sure there have been many things said about how therapeutic knitting can be. I will only attest to that. It has been helping me break the little cycles that were getting my mind all dizzy. I’m starting to settle down now.

My latest project is Rudy the Rectangle. This is his name on the pattern I found in Michael’s, for free. It’s an amigurumi creation. Don’t you love the word amigurumi? In case it is new to you, this is the Japanese name for the art of creating crochet or knit toys.

I never followed the pattern (I’m never able to do that), especially that it was for crochet and I am more comfortable knitting. I basically looked at the image and created my little Amigurumi Frankie (it does look a little like Frankenstein’s creature, doesn’t it?).

My daughter loved him at first sight. Consider this as coming from a child who doesn’t care so much about soft toys. Remember that sweet cloth baby doll I had made for her and how she didn’t care for it? After all that work? Well, things were completely different with Frankie.

I had made the first one for a friend’s baby. It’s organic cotton yarn, filled with organic cotton. It can be chewed on, hugged and loved without worries. What better gift for a baby?

As soon as I finished it, though, my own baby didn’t want to let go. She ordered me to make another one for her right then and there. I did and since then it is slowly replacing Button, the doggie she used to sleep with. Both of them shared her hugs until last night when she made the invitation: “Mami, you can sleep with Button.” So there.

Anyway, I really love this pattern and I am trying to improve it, embellish it. Expect a colorful fabric version, too. It’s fun. I’m already thinking of opening a shop on Etsy to sell these things, because I don’t seem able to stop making them.

And then, my baby goes: “Mami, I want all a’them! Can I play now?”

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