My baby, who is a “shy princess-witch-giant-fairy” these days, will only wear skirts and dresses and legs (“no pants, mami, they’re ugaly”). Mami is happy, because this gives her a chance to do some more sewing and skirts represent the extent of her sewing abilities.

Two of the skirts are made from mami’s old clothes: a purple flowery blouse and a beautiful, long, violet skirt that never really fit mami. The other two (one of them is actually a dress) are made of new fabrics.

From skirt remnants, mami made a rag doll.

I am calling this doll pattern (you’ll see more of it soon) Remi doll, after the poor orphan from the novel Nobody’s Boy, by Hector Malot, a book that I once loved. The doll is made entirely of cotton with organic cotton filling. I like this doll because I get to practice many techniques like sewing, crochet and embroidery which fascinates me lately. Isn’t it sweet?

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