My so-called craftiness (an update)

jojoba-oil1So, I hit some road bumps in my efforts to make my own skin products. It happens to everyone, right? Right?

Anyway, what happened was that I tried to change my original formula once the first batch of oils was used up. So instead of apricot oil as carrier, I thought of using jojoba, because I had read very good things about it, like the fact that it is the vegetable oil most similar in composition to sebum. It all worked fine. I was happy. Sure, I started to be bothered by this pesky eye infection soon after changing the oil formula, but that was irrelevant. Or actually . . . not quite? As soon as I stopped using the jojoba oil, my eyes slowly started to return to normal: the eyelids were not dry and crackly anymore, and the tears were not burning my eyes. After about a month now, my eyes don’t look like I’m eighty anymore. Yay!

Turns out I am allergic to jojoba oil, and according to the same Internet that recommended the thing to me, I am not the only one who’s allergic to it. So this natural face care system is not foolproof. Not at all. But it is still worth it for me. I think. I’ll keep trying. I may spend my thirties looking like I’m eighty, but when I turn eighty . . . watch out!

In any case, my advice to you, if you try this thing yourself, is to start with very small batches and test them for a while, paying close attention to any changes in your skin. This way you will avoid any long-term damage to your skin and your wallet. Best of luck!


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