The graphic art letter is by Rachel J. Fenton (aka Rae Joyce).

It is hard to come back to the blog after such a long absence. But I never really meant to abandon it. It just happened that I didn’t have the time or the enthusiasm for it for a while. I still am entranced by the work of other bloggers and I know that returning here is happening, if slowly and tentatively at first.

I always miss the blog when I don’t write here long enough. As a self-published writer I consider it my job to work on my online presence, but maybe that’s sucking out the soul out of my blogging. Maybe I’d feel more relaxed about it if I just let it be whatever it wants to be, and stop thinking about it too much. Or maybe, on the contrary, I should put more thought and more planning into it? Right. I’m very close to a resolution here. Maybe in a few more years…

Meanwhile, I’ve been spending my time with web design, technical writing, and my family, and unfortunately not much was left for creative writing. I know I could make the time if I really set to it, but somehow it doesn’t happen. It always gets pushed back, behind other priorities, of which there will always be many, of course.

I’ve also been putting a lot of effort to return to a manageable weight that doesn’t affect my health and at which I feel more like myself. It’s been a long journey. I lost a lot of weight by following a very low calorie diet (600 calories for two months, then about 800 – 900) with foods that I like but are not too highly caloric. It’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me (although intermittent fasting also worked for a little while at some point, two years ago). So I consider that a sort of achievement, although of course it remains to be seen if I can keep the weight off and even lose the few more pounds until I get to my “ideal” weight.

This year looks like it’s going to be all about finishing my certificate, putting the smaller one in preschool and getting some paying work, so I don’t know how writing will fit in there this year either. Somehow I have to finish Eye, though, cause if it doesn’t happen this year, I’m afraid it will never happen. And I can’t really let all that work go to waste. It’s not a bad book this one. I think it deserves two more weeks of dedicated attention to reach a stage where it can be submitted to agents. I think that’s all it needs. Let’s see how I find that time. I’m as curious as you are. (I know you couldn’t care less, but let’s all be civil here. Thanks a bunch!)

2 thoughts on “Return

  1. rachel

    Welcome back, Lori. I’m in awe of your self-discipline. You work harder than anyone else I know. Silence says you are busy just as well as words, so don’t beat yourself up about not blogging. You always take such great photos to accompany your posts, you know :))

    • Lori

      Oh, who are you talking about? It can’t be me!
      But thank you, Rachel. At least it’s good to know I project that kind of image. After all, it’s all that matters often (unfortunately, but it is what it is!).
      And thank you for liking my photos, which I see as my greatest handicap when it comes to blogging. I cannot take a good photo for the life of me. Still not letting that stop me, though. The ones that turn out all right happen in spite of me.

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