Style Inspiration: Julianne Moore

I could look at pictures of Julianne Moore all day for style inspiration. There is something about the clothes and the way she wears them, like they are hers and she is herself in them, that is very powerful and attractive.

But the clothes themselves! When she wears loose and somewhat edgy outfits, which she does a lot, they are amazing! And she is into black and white quite a bit, so you know, I’m in love.

I mean, lots of black, harem pants, Birks and clogs, baggy and oversized! So much to love. She is only 5’3″ but of course exceptionally beautiful, as Hollywood people tend to be, so no chance for most of us to look like her as hard as we tried. Still. “Would Julianne Moore wear that,” is now my clothes shopping mantra.


  1. She looks great! Very much like the black loose pants, denim, loose dresses and tops.
    Sunglasses are a very nice, polished accessory.
    Hats look very pretty on her. I wonder what make a hat person like hats, they always feel foreign on my head.
    I felt a bit of shock seeing the white, boxy tee shirts with unraveled edges worn in public.
    I have a selection of tee shirts designated as at-home wear, as they age they get demoted to painting, then cleaning rags.

    • I’m with you on the hats. Not a hat person. Only in the deep of summer heat, when the utility aspect is undeniable, I can wear a hat without feeling too self-conscious.

      But the raw hems I kind of like. If the t-shirt is in otherwise impeccable condition (not stretched, stained, or discolored) I think it is clear that it’s an intentional deconstruction. There is something wild and carefree about it. I used to be very critical of destroyed jeans, but now I am okay with those too. They look good when paired with a dressed up black shirt or with a white, gauzy linen top, I think.

  2. I can definitely see how you would share the same closet. Basically twins, separated at birth, obvs. I think I like your taste just a teensy bit more, something about the way you participate in the creation of your outfits, but I am totally biased.

    • Twins, obvs! 🤣
      And yes, you’re always biased, which is so comforting to me. 😘

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