Summer’s End

School is starting tomorrow and summer is going out with a bang (heat advisory). I don’t know how to feel about it. All year, all winter long I dream up such high expectations of summer and then somehow it just ends and looking back at it, there were so many missed opportunities, so much good weather wasted on work or other non-summery activities. It all feels like such a big portion of once-potentially wonderful, lost time.

It has been a good summer. A full one. A productive time. A time of being with loved ones who live far away. Regardless. It still feels like it could have been dramatically different, infinitely better. But it was only what it was. And we are healthy and full and our house is so much cleaner (seriously, it feels like it’s a different house, because of incredible grandparents who came in to help us with a ton of home improvements).





  1. Health is a big deal. To have that and loved ones, sounds like a great summer to me. There’s always next summer for everything else, or the one after…

    • You are very right. My anxieties have gone through the roof this summer and I can’t sleep well which adds to it, so I end up spiteful and unpleasant like this. I cannot defend my attitude. But I’m working on it! 😊

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