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Rae Joyce comics

My incredible friend, writer and artist Rachel J. Fenton (aka Rae Joyce), has been working very hard lately on a multitude of projects, two of which having recently come to fruition in a most beautiful way: two shiny books filled…

Books in my life

booksJanFebFebruary has been a slow month in books read. Maybe because of the interminable snow days, when I felt compelled to cook more, clean more (well, not really, that’s a lie), entertain the kids more, when I generally felt more stressed, so I couldn’t enjoy my reading. But January was better, so I’m going to put than in here too.

Disagreeing with Virginia Woolf

herbs and notebookDuring this winter vacation I read Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own,” a book that has been on my reading list since forever. Big round of applause for this minuscule achievement! Right. Thanks. Moving on.

The good fight

The literary world is not as boring as some might think. Every now and then, good disputes arise and keep us all on fire. I have been reading lately about those in the middle of which we find writer Jennifer…

A woman’s writing vs. her children

I have been thinking about a recent debate regarding women authors and childbearing. Author Lauren Sandler wrote an article for The Atlantic professing that the secret to a successful writing life for a woman is to have only one child, giving as…