Walls, windows, wool (and snow)


Both Friday and Monday. No school. Bitter sweet. The way everything always is. Not having to go out of the house, being all stocked up on meals (cashew chicken curry leftovers) and treats (chocolate-covered coffee beans), with water, electricity, heat, and Internet working, we’ve been in no position to complain. At all.

wool layers

I’ve been wearing layers of wool on top of other wool layers and enjoying the snow from the inside. Because the snow might look beautiful from behind the window, but it is a cruel thing if you’re out there unprotected. Being a human being with a heated shelter on days like this makes you feel so grateful and unworthy. I can’t but think of people and animals who have to face the snow head on, and have nowhere to hide from it.


Leaving the thoughts of doom aside, my backyard does look like it’s out of a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Few things out there are able to transform the world into a completely different universe, like snow does.

One thought on “Walls, windows, wool (and snow)

  1. Rachel Fenton

    Thank you for sharing your winter wonderland. I came back from the moderate chill – 10 above freezing – of Taipei into the heatwave of Auckland – my body would just about freak out if I had to go out into that snow. It looks so enchanting, though – how could something so beautiful be harmful….brrr, oh, ok.

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