Indie-book reviews

indie-book-reviewsI published in READ a review of Ann Patchett’s Truth & Beauty, and this might be the last random book review that I post on the website. I am aiming at more focus on independently published books.

There are many books out there. I am usually very selective with what I read, because I value my time like that. We all do, right? However, books are my line of work, so reading for me is both pleasure and business. I need to focus more on the business part of things these days, because, well, that’s how things are. So from now on I am going to read and review exclusively independently published books. There will be women’s fiction books mostly, because that’s my specialty, although some other genres (like thrillers or mysteries) might find their way in there. I think this is a direction that I should have taken long ago, but well, I am rarely that focused. I am doing this because I want to support independent publishing and the ebook market, because I think these two publishing avenues are doing a great service to literature as a whole, freeing it from the pressures of commercialism while at the same time allowing commercial literature to exist and prosper. I am doing it because I plan to release my own book soon, and I know I will need help promoting it just like many other writers need help with their books.

So, yeah, I am going to start supporting indie authors from now on with my book reviews, because reviews are essential in generating sales. And here comes my first review: Heather Hummel’s Write from the Heart.