Write from the Heart, by Heather Hummel

WritefromtheheartThis was a very pleasant read. The story is heartfelt and full of emotion. At least that’s how it seemed to me, and part of the reason might be that this is a book about first time novelists and their journey toward publication, so to me it felt very familiar and easy to identify with. The story has many elements of romance (which I didn’t care for too much), and self-help through positive thinking and positive journaling (which was interesting).

I read the book in two days, while watching my daughter petting animals at a farm and swimming at the lake. It was the perfect read for my long summer days: light and entertaining.

I think that the book could have used a more thorough editor: the beginning is a bit shaky, with some timeline issues and characters that are mentioned before they are actually in the picture, or plot developments that are thrown in unexpectedly as if they were already known facts. There is nothing major or unforgivable, though.

Although the plot was a bit easy and expected, I didn’t mind it very much.It kept me reading and I thoroughly enjoyed the book to the end. A breezy reading for hot days spent outside, under the shade of large trees.

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