Knave of Wands

I bought a new Tarot deck this summer during our annual trip to the Maine seaside. There is a rather large new age shop in Kennebunkport that we visit every time. I always look at the Tarot decks but most don’t speak to me. I have strict criteria. The cards need to be a certain size, the designer needs to be a woman, and the illustrations must speak to me. This year I couldn’t leave the shop with out this Nicoletta Ceccoli deck. I loved it so much that I also bought a small, travel pack for my daughter.

It’s not like I know what to do with my Tarot cards. I have a couple of older, neglected decks gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. Like with all things of the esoteric inclination, I am wary but so attracted to Tarot! But wary.

I think, though, this might be the year when I pick up the Tarot more seriously. As an introspective, spiritual practice. I’ll put some effort into it. Maybe I’ll actually learn something, not just pretend.

So I pulled out the cards this morning and I did a four card spread that I found somewhere online, and it was relevant enough. Then I started reading some Tarot blogs, subscribed to a Tarot newsletter and researched ways to shuffle the cards. While doing all this, one of the cards in my deck kept coming up on top. It was the first card on top when I pulled the deck out of its box and then it continued to appear from behind all the others, as I worked with the cards. So it finally occurred to me that maybe it had something to say. And since my Tarot abilities are limited right now to the booklet that came with the deck, I went there to find out what it meant.

Knave of Wands: One who is learning about magic and energy.”

All right, Tarot!

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