Moonlit Dreams/Moonlit Nightmares

“Receiving Room” is a short story that came to me quickly and complete. I wrote it in a couple of sessions, which is very rare for me (I tend to rewrite to death). It was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had writing a short story. I never had to struggle to find its connecting threads or its ending. It remains one of my favorites. And now it has been published in Moonlit Dreams/Moonlit Nightmares, a collection of short stories compiled by Laura Seeber of Antimony and Elder Lace Press.

My story is in great company there. The other stories included are

A Consultation by Moonlight By Thomas Vaughn
Phosphene by Sarah Walker
A Visitation by Parineeta Singh
When the Moon is Full by Dawn J. Stevens
The Sound of Stars by A.P. Sessler
One Stormy Night… by Jesse Moak
Anamnesis by Cara Fox
The Magic Circle by Dimitris Psomadellis
The First Victims Club by Shaun Avery
To Make A Violin by L. Seeber
The Experiment by Todd P. TaylorYou can read a great review of the book by Jamie Ryder on The Comic Vault. (Thank you so much, Jamie!)

The book is available at the moment on the publisher’s site, but will soon be available with the major book retailers. I’ll keep you informed!


  1. Congratulations, Lori! It’s wonderful when a story just arrives like that, effortless. I wish every story was like that. I’m stoked for you that you found such a cool home for it too. xx

    • Thank you, Rachel! Your support is always so very appreciated. I wish every story came as easily too. The truth is that I wrote it in a diary-style that I have perfected over the years and which I think is a very “feminine” form. I know I love it.

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