Until last week Montreal was for me only the place where Nadia Comaneci had won her perfect 10 the summer that I was born. After a surprisingly easy trip last weekend (we drove and it was not that bad, actually) it has fleshed out a little. Now it’s the place with the Jean Talon market where they have a Romanian store, the stunning cathedral where a few women find their place also, not just bearded old men, with the botanical garden that has a pond bordered by lilac trees and with the lively street full of graffiti art, with a Juliette et Chocolat and Eva B, the most dreamy thrift store in the world, where I just wanted to move it right away.

Montreal Cathedral1

Montreal Notre Dame basilica.

Montreal cathedral3

Montreal cathedral2

Montreal botanical garden1

Montreal botanical garden2

Montreal street art2

Montreal street art3

Montreal street art1

Montreal juliette

Juliette et Chocolat!

Montreal Evab1

Montreal EvaB2

Montreal EvaB3

(I need to thank my husband for these photos–I always forget my head and never remember to take any good pictures).